2024 Marine Mud Run


The 2023 Marine Corps Mud Run, Hosted by the Marine Corps League Det #095, Sponsored by Lemacks Media. Register online today!
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Additional information

The Marine Mud Run is an event for runners of all ages, genders, and physical abilities. Its primary purpose is to raise funds for Children, veteran Marines in need, and support other community non-profit veterans groups, by sponsoring an annual Marine-style mud run in July. Runners pay a fee to run a course with Marine style obstacles, a distance of approximately three miles (five kilometers).  The course traverses various surfaces including dirt roads, fields, ponds and mud trails.  Numerous obstacles are incorporated into the course, with highlights including walls, trenches and mud pits.
Individual runners or teams runners start the race. The first individual runner or first team to cross the finish line together will establish the order of finish. The first place runner or team for each category will receive a plaque.
The difficulty of the course requires rough-n-ready attire and is an integral part of the event.  While safety precautions have been taken, the nature of this event recommends that runners wear attire that reduces the possibility of mishap (i.e., long pants, boots, long sleeve shirt, gloves).


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