So, you’re training for the Marine Mud Run? Well, first of all you deserve a huge thank you from us for signing up here! Your registration helps us bring joy to thousands of families across the area during the holiday season!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably are wondering, ‘what in the world have I gotten myself into?’ Well, that’s a great question! The Marine Mud Run is is a 5k course built on land that maintains a level elevation, meaning you’re not running up or down a mountain! This course is great for pros, families, kids, and even people who have never run a day in their life! We literally built the kids course along the same path, so your family can choose which obstacles they want to conquer!

With all that being said; what should someone like you train for?

  • 5k of running/jogging! (roughly 3.1 miles)
  • Climbing over and under obstacles
  • Monkey bars

Most of the obstacles are pretty tame, but derive their design directly from U.S. Military Field Manuals and Training Manuals!

Suggested training 2-3 times per week:

  • Run/jog 1-5 miles, increasing pace/mile each week
  • Push-ups 5x females | 25x males, increase 1-5x each week
  • Squats 50x, increase 5x each week

Remember, this is just a baseline. Excelling at these items is great, and means you should add more! But if you struggle, don’t worry! Make your best attempt and stick with it regularly, you’ll be ready for the Marine Mud Run by July 21st with just 2-3 weeks of this training.

Check back frequently for updates and additional tips!