The Marine Mud Run Committee on behalf of the 2019 Marine Mud Run would like to thank 2019 Sponsor Transhield. Transhield donated $500 which makes them a Gunnery Sergeant level Sponsor for the 2019 event!

In addition to their generous donation, Transhield plans to provide a high volume of event Volunteers for 2019, which itself is a valuable commitment. Again, we thank Transhield, and our point of contact Josh Lambert for their generosity, as well as selfless dedication to our community.

To learn more about Transhield, you can visit their website at or on social media:

From Transhield:

It all began in Elkhart, Indiana in 1994: one man with a revolutionary invention and two men with a passion to tell the world about it.

Greg Todt invented a shrinkable fabric that protected heavy equipment during transportation and storage. Originally targeting the automotive and RV industry, Transhield has grown to offer seven varieties of fabric for use in any industry. Our patented anti-corrosion technology is widely used in the fabrics we make, both shrinkable and non-shrinkable, to keep valuable assets protected from the harsh elements that cause corrosion and degradation.